alternatives: let there be peace


Principles of a Peace-Based Social Paradigm


<>Democratic, participatory, grassroots
<>Representatives at negotiations be democratically selected
<>Includes participation of all marginalized, excluded peoples
<>Full participation by NGOs, grassroots organizations
<>Holistic Approach (addresses economic, health, environment, equal rights/social status, food security, education, cultural integrity/rights, infrastructure issues, political/legal issues, etc.)
<>Recognizes past and ongoing problems (e.g., poverty, unequal distribution of resources, discrimination against a group, lack of political transparency and freedom, corporate dictatorship, environmental destruction, cultural preservation/autonomy)
<>Provides methods to resolve past and ongoing problems
<>At least 50% of representatives must be female
<>Places human needs above corporate, profit-driven needs
<>Eliminates the concept of “winning”; replaces it with the concept of “sharing” (e.g., land, resources, political power)
<>Men must be willing to let women lead
<>Representatives must remove war/armed conflict from the table


These principles are based on the work and ideas of the following individuals and groups:

Swanee Hunt; Institute for Inclusive Security; NGO Working Group on Women, Peace & Security; Cristina Posa; UNIFEM; Women Waging Peace; Women’s Commission for Refugee Women and Children; Mimi Yahn