DeColonizing Our History is a space to explore, learn, share, and reclaim the history of the United States. Not the history owned by the colonizers who conquered and still control the dominant culture, the economy, the political system, and the military might of this nation, but the history that has been marginalized, delegitimized and disappeared—the history of those whose sweat, blood, exploitation, subjugation, and resistance created this nation. It is a living, raucous history that is continually unfolding and so this website will continue to evolve.

This is a collaborative space, a project that asks your participation in helping to build an interconnected, living, holistic, decolonized history of the country we and our ancestors have all participated in making.

The purpose of this website is to understand our history in the context of our lives, our present, our social, political and economic realities, and our cultural heritage. The goal of this website is to inspire and collectively envision a decolonized future. As scholar and teacher Muriel Shockley asks, “How do we write our future?”

M. Campbell Yahn


DeColonizing Our History is a website open to all who want to help make this a collaborative, ongoing, decolonized history of the U.S. We welcome essays, scholarly articles, poetry, art, short videos, oral histories, etc. For more information, please email Mimi Yahn at mimi.yahn@goddard.edu